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Truck mounted sweeper. 
JCB 55 kW arba 93 kW
Payload, kg
0 - 6000
GVM - Standard machine , kg
13000 - 18000
Hopper voided volume, m3
Brush diameter, mm
Clean water tank , L
Recirculation system , L
Viktors Igošins
Sales Manager of Municipal Equipment

About the product

The V Range provides the ideal balance between performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership, with applications to suit a full range of sweeping environments - benefits that make the Johnston V Range the sweeper of choice worldwide.


VT-twin sided sweep.

VS-single sweep.

Throttle control of the auxiliary engine is infinitely variable ensuring optimum operational and fuel efficiency without compromising performance. With a 1500 rev Eco-mode built into the V Range, fuel conservation is enhanced and noise levels are reduced.

The Johnston system for suppression of dust emissions easily achieves EUnited PM10 standards in Europe.

A full CANbus integrated door mounted control pad allows the operator to safely adjust all the sweep options.

Technical specifications