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Hitachi mini excavators
Small on the outside, but big on the inside, they have a comfortable cab and are easy to operate. User-friendliness is at the heart of every Zaxis mini excavator. The smaller models are easy to transport by trailer and a suitable towing vehicle. 
Hitachi medium excavators
The standard models are commonly used on earthmoving and general construction projects, while larger machines can be used for quarrying. Ultra-short tail swing excavators on busy road construction sites. Factory-modified special application model carrying out demolition work. Hitachi first hybrid model, reducing fuel consumption and emissions by 30%.
Hitachi large excavators
With powerful yet economical engines, on-board satellite communication systems and easily accessible inspection points, you can rely on Hitachi large excavators to work reliably, with low running costs.
Hitachi weeled excavators
Hitachi wheeled excavator will be a valuable addition. Suitable for earthmoving, transporting materials, groundworks and road construction work 14- to 20-tonne models can be used with a wide range of grapples, hooks, hammers and buckets.
Hitachi wheel loaders
With substantial loading capacity, powerful digging force and impressive travel speeds, they’re extremely productive. Fuel-efficient and easy to maintain, they offer reduced running costs. Used with a variety of attachments, they are easily adaptable for different tasks.
Hitachi rigid dump trucks
Hitachi drive control system, which ensures more stable haul-cycle times, giving you higher levels of productivity, safety and efficiency. As well as technologically advanced, Hitachi dump trucks are also easy to manoeuvre, with user-friendly controls and smooth handling.