Municipal equipment powered by electric

Fully electric
Goupil G4 city trucks
The Goupil G4 is a compact 100% electric truck with more than 30 applications for customizing superstructures. Goupil belongs to the world-famous manufacturer POLARIS.
Fully electric
Goupil G6 city trucks
The G6 is a game changer for Goupil: while staying true to the brand’s DNA, this 100 % electrical utility vehicle offers unprecedented possibilities. With a spacious 3-seater cab, a modern design with a competitive edge as well as unique equipment, the G6 will surely become your new business partner.
Multihog CX
The Multihog CX is a premium quality, multi-purpose tractor. It is used worldwide by a variety of customers including municipalities, contractors, airports, theme parks, zoos, hospitals, schools and other facilities thanks to its versatility. 
Heavy Duty
Multihog MX/MXC
 The MX is a heavy duty, multipurpose tractor manufactured by Multihog. It comes in 2 sizes – the MX and the MXC. 
Total length , mm
3975 MM
Total width , mm
1530 - 1650
Total height , mm
2170 - 2220