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Salt spreaders

high precision
Solid X
SOLID X is a time-proven and highly reliable solution for spreading of low moisture content salt, sand and gravel.
Material conveyor system
Hopper voided volume , m3
The most popular
Solid T
SOLID T spreaders are the industry standard de-icing and anti-icing solution for truck-based winter maintenance.
Material conveyor system
Belt conveyor
Hopper voided volume , m3
For tough working conditions
Solid L
​SOLID L spreaders are robust, reliable and long lasting spreaders used for spreading of the toughest wet and sticky materials. 
Material conveyor system
Chain conveyor
Hopper voided volume , m3
Two chambers
Solid DUO
​SOLID Duo is a specialised solution for anti-icing and de-icing using two separate types of dry material.
Material conveyor system
auger conveyor
Hopper voided volume , m3
Liquid spreading
​LIQUID spreaders implement newest technology for preventive spreading before icing formation on roads or defrosting frozen roads by using solution of calcium chloride or natrium chloride without using dry agent.
Material conveyor system
Pump for liquid spraying
Liquid agent , l
Solid CX/CT/CL
The SOLID C spreader is specifically designed for combined spreading. In addition to dry and pre-wetted spreading, it also enables liquid spreading due to its construction that allows carrying additional liquid agent tanks. 
Material conveyor system
Auger/chain/ belt conveyor
Hopper voided volume , m3
Tractor mounted
​TRP is a tractor-based rotational spreading solution which proves that professional equipment need not be complex and cumbersome.
Material conveyor system
Hopper voided volume , m3
Emergency spreading
​JUNIOR is a perfect solution for emergency spreading on critical areas such as bridges and overpasses or inside cities and urban areas where manoeuvrability is vital.
Material conveyor system
Hopper voided volume , m3
1 / 1,2 / 1,5
Towed spreader
​RAS is a simple and easy to use towed spreader with capacity limited only by that of the vehicle’s tipper box.
Material conveyor system
spinning cone
Hopper voided volume , m3
The smallest towed spreader
​The towed MINI spreader is intended for spreading on narrow roads, such as pedestrian areas by the side of roads or in parks.
Material conveyor system
Spinning cone
Hopper voided volume , m3