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Hitachi large excavators

ZX490LCH-7 Hitachi
The ZX490-7 large excavator offers exceptional reliability, efficiency and productivity, enabling you to increase your profits and reduce running costs. The Stage-V compliant model has an industry-leading cab with first-class comfort and safety features.
Engine Rated Power , (kW) 
Operating weight , (kg)
49 500 – 51 200
Backhoe Bucket ISO Heaped , m³
2.10 – 2.50
ZX530LCH-6 was designed to work quickly and efficiently to ensure a powerful performance. It offers 30% greater traction force than the ZX490LCH-6 and has increased steering force, which is useful if you need the machine to travel uphill frequently. As well as heavy-duty work in quarries and construction projects, the ZX530LCH-6 can also quickly complete lighter tasks such as grading and levelling, which highlights its versatility. Changing attachments is easy using the attachment support system. A pressure adjustment feature controlled electronically also protects the attachments during installation.
Engine Rated Power , (kW) 
Operating weight , (kg)
52 700 – 54 800
ZX690LCH-6 Hitachi
The ZX690-6 was built to work reliably in challenging environments. Thanks to robust features and strengthened components, such as the travel motor guard, idler bracket and reinforced arm, it is exceptionally durable. The strengthened new injector also increases the reliability of the engine, while the main fuel filter prevents dust from entering the fuel circuit. To enhance your safety during maintenance, the ZX690-6 has been designed with a handrail on the deck, a standard battery disconnect switch and easy access points. When you’re back in the cab, the rear-view camera offers high levels of visibility on busy and demanding job sites.
Engine Rated Power , (kW) 
Operating weight , (kg)
68 700 – 70 600
ZX890LCH-6 Hitachi
The ZX890-6 is most durable machine yet. It has been designed and engineered to work in tough environments, all day and every day. It has strengthened components, such as the travel motor guard and idler bracket, to protect against damage on demanding sites. The reinforced arm also enhances its durability when digging and loading. For greater engine protection, added a strengthened new injector, and mounted the expansion tank on top of the engine’s cooling circuit to prevent engine parts from partially heating up. A battery disconnect switch helps retain battery energy during long-term storage and ensures safe and easy maintenance.
Engine Rated Power , (kW) 
Operating weight , (kg)
84 400 – 87 300
EX1900-6 Hitachi
You can be sure of productivity on a grand scale with the ultra-large EX1900-6 excavator. It’s equipped with a powerful engine for demanding excavation jobs in the world’s most challenging quarries and mines. The large bucket is shaped to enhance the efficiency of its operations. A 12m3 backhoe bucket can load a Hitachi EH1700 dump truck in five passes, while the 11m3 loading shovel bucket takes six passes. An auto-levelling mechanism ensures efficient levelling. Productivity is also boosted by excellent visibility from the cab. You can monitor the surrounding area using four (optional) cameras, eliminating blind spots on the job site. All controls are within easy reach, which also leads to greater operating efficiency.
Engine Rated Power , (kW) 
Operating weight , (kg)
83 800 – 192 000