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ZW180-7 Hitachi

Benefitting from many years of extensive research by Hitachi, the ZW180-7 is designed to meet the needs of operators and owners perfectly, enabling them to control their safety, comfort and uptime. Its industry-leading cab offers superior visibility so work can be carried out confidently, productively and efficiently in challenging conditions.
Engine Rated Power, (kW) 
Operating weight , (kg)
14 950 - 15 170
Bucket capacity (m³) ISO Heaped
2.5 - 5.2m3
Breakout force (kN)
107 - 126
Roberts Nordmanis
Hitachi Construction Machinery Sales Manager

About the product

About the ZW180-7
The ZW180-7 is the safest wheel loader in the market thanks to the superb visibility from the cab and intelligent safety-enhancing features including the Aerial Angle camera, and rear obstacle detection and warning systems. It also offers exceptional versatility and can be used on a wide range of applications with three types of lift arms – standard, high and parallel.

Discover the benefits
  • A perfect workspace in the state-of-the-art cab with integrated console and seat suspension, reduced noise and low vibration levels.
  • Unrivalled safety and superb all-round visibility due to 270-degree bird’s-eye view, curved engine hood and intelligent systems.
  • Impressive fuel economy and exceptional efficiency.
  • Increased uptime thanks to durable components, intelligent prevention systems and easy maintenance features.

Technical specifications

ZW180-7 Brochure