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ZX350LC-7 / ZX350LCN-7 Hitachi

Exceptionally efficient and versatile, the new ZX350-7 will enable you to reduce your running costs and increase profits. Thanks to the refined design of the cab, it gives you the power to perform productively, with ease and reduced fatigue.
Engine Rated Power, (kW) 
Operating weight , (kg)
35 200 – 37 500
Backhoe Bucket ISO Heaped, m³
1.15 - 1.86
Contact us
Roberts Nordmanis
Hitachi Construction Machinery Sales Manager

About the product

You can count on the highest quality, the ultimate in operating comfort, exceptional safety and reduced running costs with the new Hitachi ZX350-7 medium excavator. This versatile model is suitable for a wide range of tasks. Special application versions can also be used for specific tasks, such as slope finishing and dredging, and low-level demolition.
The ZX350-7 model is available in multiple undercarriage configurations and with a mono- or two-piece boom.

Discover the benefits
  • Up to 10% reduced fuel consumption compared to previous models
  • Enhanced efficiency due to Hitachi’s industry-leading hydraulic system, TRIAS III
  • Improved comfort in the cab with integrated console and seat suspension, lowest noise levels in the market and 20% less vibration than previous models
  • Increased safety thanks to superior visibility and 270-degree bird’s-eye view from the cab

Technical specifications

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