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R 14G-20G Linde. Reach truck

The versatile Linde ‘G’ series of reach trucks provides the perfect solution to work on less than perfect external and internal surfaces. For example carrying out pallet transfer and lorry loading/unloading tasks. 
Load capacity , (kg)
1400 - 2000
Lifting height, (mm)
3030 - 7710
Travel speed , (with/without)
Battery, (V/Ah)
48/560-775 Ah
Seating position
Contact us
Andris Pakalniņš
Linde Sales Manager

About the product

R14 – R20 G-series reach trucks are ideal for combined hall and yard use, that is to say, for transport operations in a changing environment, such as when loading and unloading trucks. Oversize super-elastic wheels, a vibration-damped drive unit, increased ground clearance as well as a vibration-free driver's cab ensure driving comfort and safety. This means that the versatile R14 – R20 G reach trucks enable low-vibration operation on uneven outdoor surfaces as well as efficient load handling in narrow rack aisles in warehouses. They can be adapted to the personal comfort requirements of every driver and are distinguished by powerful engines and numerous safety features.

Technical specifications

R 14G-20GLinde.




All-wheel brake 
Four independent braking systems 
Automatic parking brake.


Vibration-free chassis
Individually adjustable seat and console
Padded armrests with integrated control elements
Low access height
Driver's seat with weight-dependent air cushioning.


Super-elastic load wheels for outdoors and indoors
Intuitive Linde Load Control
Outstanding maneuverability
Extensive selection of mast heights
Exceptional handling performance.