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The largest hydraulic loading machine Terex Fuchs is already working in the Port of EMU Skulte, Latvia

     Our partner SIA Alwark sold biggest in Terex Fuchs model row an advanced-technology hydraulic loading machine Terex Fuchs MHL390 to the company EMU Skulte, operating in the Port of Latvia. Currently, it is the only Terex Fuchs hydraulic loading machine of such type not only in Latvia but also in the entire Baltic region; it has the largest reach radius (24.5 m) and can load not only bulk materials such as wood chips, wood pellets, coal, crushed stones, sand, but also wood logs, saw materials, metal scrap and big-bags and others.

     Previously, the company EMU Skulte, which is operating in the Port of Latvia and is engaged in loading round wood and wood chips, was not capable to service larger ships, since its equipment could not have reached the far side of the ship. Such restraint of the work for the company, having the annual turnover of EUR 5 million, means significant losses and the loss of potential customers, therefore EMU Skulte aimed at replacing their existing equipment as well as optimising its performance by purchasing the new loading machine. 

     Versatility, stability, long outreach, and high cycle speed with low fuel consumption - are the greatest advantages of this modern equipment, required for loading in the ports, therefore the new loading machine MHL390 has given the company in the Port of Latvia more opportunities to service larger ships, meanwhile the process of work has become more convenient and efficient.